June 12th Local Dive – Round Valley

Round Valley Recreational Area
Saturday, June 12th:
WHERE: Lebanon, NJ
WHEN: 6/12/21 – 8:00AM (In the water by 9:00AM) to 11:30AM.
WHO: All certified divers welcome.
COST: $10.00 p/car
Take I-78 west to exit 20A to Route 22 west, follow signs to the park.
Take I-78 east to exit 18 (Route 22 east), follow signs to the park.

We will meet at the Designated Scuba Lot. Please get there early as the park is usually at capacity by 9:30 AM. Please let us know if you will be joining the dive so we can get a head count for pizza or subs. dive@elitediveclubnj.org

Please download and fill out the Scuba Permit so they can expedite your registration to dive. Scuba Permit Download.

Water clarity and rich aquatic life make Round Valley Reservoir one of the best freshwater lakes in New Jersey for scuba and skin diving. All divers are required to register at the office, have a dive buddy, inflatable vest and a dive flag. Diving is permitted from April 1 through October 31 depending upon water conditions. Scuba divers must be certified. Divers are required to check-in prior to a dive, check-out after each dive and comply with diving hours.

Required Equipment:
Dive Computer/Bottom Timer/Depth Gauge
Mask (Mask Defog), Snorkel, Fins
Wetsuit/Exposure Protection: Water is likely to be in the low 70s or better.
Hood (optional – depending on personal preference/tolerance to cold water)
Booties, Weight Belt, Gloves (exposure protection)
Surface signal/whistle
Tank (shop will not bring tanks, divers must bring their own)
Regulator setup
Dive Flag Float, Dive Flag Pole/Flag for land (can’t hurt by double marking)
SMB/Dive Sausage/Fingerspool
TWO cutting implements, one knife, and one cutting implement such a safety shears
or line rippers recommended.
Save-A-Dive Kit (at least extra O-rings and hand tools)
Underwater Camera

We look forward to seeing everyone there!
– The Elite Dive Club Team

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