June 3rd – Elite Dive Club Meeting – Speaker: Pete Nawrocky, OMS

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Diving equipment has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. The cave/technical diving communities have greatly influenced the wreck, travel and sport diver. New technology and techniques have allowed divers to explore and remain longer underwater than ever before. This presentation is a view of origin and development.

Pete Nawrocky began his diving career in 1971 on Long Island, NY. As a marine biology major in college, Pete became fascinated by the ocean and wanted to see for himself what he was studying. Since his High School days, Pete has spent over three decades exploring, photographing and diving, the ocean, lakes, caves and shipwrecks worldwide.

As an underwater photographer, Pete’s photos have graced the pages of many scuba magazines over the years and can often be found in OMS’S own website advertisements, and Facebook postings. His articles can be found throughout the world wide diving community on topics such as CCR (closed circuit rebreather) diving, marine life and gear configurations to list a few. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Industry trade shows, dive shops and civic organizations throughout the country. Pete is the Regional Manager for DUI/OMS.