Local Dives for June and July

The Elite Dive Club will be diving the Manasquan RR Bridge on August 18th

Local Dive Schedule

Shark River, Belmar
Saturday June 29th:
WHERE: Belmar NJ
WHEN: 6/29/19 – 4:30 PM (In the water by 5:45PM) to 6:45 PM.
WHO: All certified divers welcome.
COST: No cost.

The Shark River is your best bet for shore diving in the northern half of the New Jersey coastline, far better than the Manasquan River. Shark River offers at least four different locations to dive: either side of the inlet, with rock jetties to explore, slightly upstream at A Street in Belmar, and upriver in the back bay area at L Street, Belmar. Get more information here…

Round Valley Recreational Area
Sunday July 7th:
WHERE: Lebanon, NJ
WHEN: Sunday, July 7, 2019 – 8:00AM (In the water by 9:00AM)
to 11:30AM.
WHO: All certified divers welcome.
COST: $10.00 p/car.
Take I-78 west to exit 20A to Route 22 west, follow signs to the park.

Take I-78 east to exit 18 (Route 22 east), follow signs to the park.

All divers must have a valid picture ID and your cert card to dive. Please bring a dive flag if you have one. A safety sausage is also a must.

We will meet at the Ranger Station (before paying to get in) where we have to register to dive.

Shark River or Delaware River (Depending on current)
Saturday July 13th:
WHERE: Belmar NJ or Delaware Water Gap
WHEN: 7/13/19
WHO: All certified divers welcome.
COST: No cost.

We will dive the train wreck at the Delaware Water Gap as long as the currents and depth allow. Otherwise we will dive Shark River. We will announce which location one week before the dive.

Manasquan Afternoon Dive
Saturday July 27th:
WHERE: 419 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
WHEN: 7/27/19 – 3:30 PM (In the water by 4:15PM) to 5:15 PM.
WHO: All certified divers welcome.
COST: No cost.

This exciting dive is a good chance for divers of nearly all skill levels to experience the Atlantic. We did this dive in the past and one of the dive groups saw a seahorse! The railroad bridge area itself is known to occasionally produce some bottles for those of you interested in artifacts.

The dive, like any tidal river dive, depends on the tide. The tide tables for this location are notoriously off by anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour according to some reports. Visibility ranges from near zero to 10’. Max depth is typically 25’. Be guided accordingly. The bottom is a combination of mussel beds and silt. The silty areas are easily stirred – like always – good buoyancy is a must. One dive flag float for towing and one dive flag for land will be provided. If anyone has dive floats they are encouraged to bring them.

PLEASE NOTE: All dives are dependant on weather and conditions. We will notify everyone via Facebook and Email if the dive gets blown out as soon as we know.

The Dive Club Committee members will be on site at least an hour before entering the water.


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