November 20th – Stolt Dagali with John Orecchio and Shawn Sweeney

The Shipwreck Stolt Dagali

The Ship sank on Thanksgiving day, Novembr 26, 1964, in a collision with the liner Shalom. The wreck starts at 60 ft. and goes to 130 ft.

TIME: 7:30 PM social, 8:00 PM speaker
WHEN: 11/20/19
WHO: All certified divers and guests welcome
COST: Members free. Non-Members $10.00

Join John and Shawn as they walk you through the wreck of the Stolt. The wreck of the Stolt Dagali is very impressive, even though it has greatly deteriorated.  Learn more abou the Stolt Dagali at

John’s Bio:
Mr. Orecchio began diving in 1978 and started shipwreck exploration off the coast of New Jersey in 1996. In 2005, he became a PADI Divemaster and joined the staff of Blue Water Divers in 2006. He joined the crew of the John Jack Seagoing Adventures and the crew of the Gypsy Blood Dive, both sailing out of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Most recently, he joined the staff of North East Public Safety Divers training emergency response divers. In a professional capacity, Mr. Orecchio is a Sr. Construction Manager for the Water Division of Arcadis-US. He manages multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects which help to protect the quality of the waters off the east coast of the United States. Mr. Orecchio believes that water is the world’s most valuable commodities and must be protected for the benefit of all living creatures.

Shawn’s Bio:
Shawn Sweeney started scuba diving in 1995. He has gone from Open Water diver to Advanced Open Water diver through Divemaster along with Nitrox and full open circuit Trimix certifications to Rebreather diving. He has explored all the waters from the Caribbean to Nova Scotia and others along the East Coast. He has crewed on the dive vessel Seeker and is currently crewing the dive vessel Gypsy Blood and John Jack located in Point Pleasant, NJ. He loves the history that the  New Jersey shipwrecks offer and spends most weekends exploring them. Some of his favorites are the Stolt Dagali, RP Resor, Mohawk, Great Isaac and the Delaware. Shawn has been on expeditions to the submarine S-5 and the Texas Tower which both offer exciting historical stories. He has been part of multiple expiditions to the Empress of Ireland, Andrea Doria, U869 among others. His extensive experience, interest in history, past expedition participation and organizational skills make him a great choice to join any team.

John and Shawn will be available to answer questions.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!


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