November 8th – Elite Dive Club Meeting – Speaker: Deep Dive Record Holder Nuno Gomes

Deep Dive Record Holder Nuno Gomes

Nuno Gomes is one of only three men to survive making a scuba dive to a depth greater than 1000 FSW. The word “Safety” takes on an entirely different meaning when planning for a world record. Nuno will tell us about deep cave divers, what type of gas mixes they use and the equipment that help get them to extreme depths.

Few people can fathom what a challenge such an extreme deep dive is. More people have been on the moon than diving deeper than 300m. Extreme deep diving has killed or maimed most who tried and it is fraught with countless lethal and little understood dangers. Who is Nuno Gomes, why is he attempting these seemingly suicidal dives and why do I believe he can do it? Read Nuno’s full biography here

Nuno will answer questions after his lecture.