November 9th – Elite Dive Club Meeting – Speaker: Joe Stellini from Sealife Cameras

Sealife Cameras and Lighting Systems

Joe Stellini is the Sealife Sales Representative in the Northeast and will be talking to the Elite Dive Club about Sealife Cameras and Lighting Systems. He will have cameras and lights to pass around to look at and a short slide show with many different types of diving environments to show the diversity of the Micro Cameras.

Joe has been working for Sealife for about two years and has been in the diving industry for over 20 working with manufacturers and training agencies like Oceanic, Hollis and TDI/SDI.  With a wide range of diving experience, he’d love to tell you about some of the adventures, but would rather hear about some of yours instead.

Starts at 7:30 with networking and Joe will speak at 8:00.
Non-Members: $10.00 at the door

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