October 24th Local Dive – Shark River

Shark River, Belmar
Saturday, October 24th:
WHERE: Belmar NJ
WHEN: 10/24/20 – 2:00 PM (In the water by 2:45 PM) to 4:00 PM.
WHO: All certified divers welcome. This is an intermediate and above dive.
COST: No cost.

We will meet on the South Side near the intersection of 1st Avenue and A Street behind the apartments.

The Shark River is your best bet for shore diving in the northern half of the New Jersey coastline, far better than the Manasquan River. Shark River offers at least four different locations to dive: either side of the inlet, with rock jetties to explore, slightly upstream at A Street in Belmar, and upriver in the back bay area at L Street, Belmar. Get more information here…

Required Equipment:
Dive Computer/Bottom Timer/Depth Gauge
Mask (Mask Defog), Snorkel, Fins
Wetsuit/Exposure Protection: Water is likely to be in the low 70s or better.
Hood (optional – depending on personal preference/tolerance to cold water)
Booties, Weight Belt, Gloves (exposure protection)
Surface signal/whistle
Tank (shop will not bring tanks, divers must bring their own)
Regulator setup
Flashlights (some nooks and crannies are dark and may have some surprises.
Dive Flag Float, Dive Flag Pole/Flag for land (can’t hurt by double marking)
SMB/Dive Sausage/Fingerspool
Wreck reel for whoever is towing a dive float.
TWO cutting implements, one knife, and one cutting implement such a safety shears
or line rippers recommended.
Save-A-Dive Kit (at least extra O-rings and hand tools)
Underwater Camera

We look forward to seeing everyone there!
– The Elite Dive Club Team

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