S.S. Mohawk Wreck Dive – Saturday, October 7th

Elite Dive Club Wreck Dive on the Mohawk!

Dive Boat: Gypsy Blood.
Departure Time:
7:00 am.
WHEN: 10/7/17.
WHO: All AOW and above certified divers welcome.
COST: $80.00 for ACTIVE club members. $110.00 for non dive club members.
Depth: 80ft max.

The Mohawk was given its name after a previous ship of the same name belonging to the same company burned and sank in Delaware Bay in 1925. Another Mohawk is sunk outside the mouth of New York harbor. Thus there are plenty of Mohawk wrecks in our area. This does not seem to be a lucky name.

Neither was the parent shipping company, Atlantic, Gulf & West Indies Steamship Lines, very lucky; the previous year, in an incident that is far more well-known than the sinking of the Mohawk, the Morro Castle caught fire and grounded in the surf off Asbury Park, a total loss.

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