September 18th – Elite Dive Club Meeting – Speaker: John Chominsky

Elite Dive Club Speaker, John Chominsky


The “ANDREA DORIA of the Pacific”

John will speak about the ship wreck of the Russian liner MIKHAIL LERMONTOV. The ship sank in Port Gore Bay, Marlborough Sound at a depth of 37 meters  (121 feet).

John’s Bio:
I started diving late in life over 20+ years ago. My two sons and I became divers together and made our first ocean dive in Barbados and what a great dive it was. After 10 years of training and diving I was invited to become a mate on the Jeanne II out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NY. I work the boat for five years, weekends, special charters, night dives etc.

After that I was offered a part time job working for Scuba Network in NJ and attended school and classes to train as service tech – regulators etc. for another five years.

I liked diving in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and other island. I also enjoy California, La Paz Mexico – that is both sides of Mexico – (The Pacific & Caribbean Islands), Bahamas, Bermuda Florida to Rhode Island … and let’s not forget Canada!

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